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Great vision without skilled workforce is irrelevant

We are capable of handling any magnitude and type of staffing needs. Our processes are based on simple philosophies and provide industry leading results. We can provide best manpower irrespective of the nation or business sector.

How we help clients?

Enhancing global reach

We erase the geographical barriers. We can provide a pool of best talents from local, national or international regions, depending on the clients’ needs. Requirements for any industry, profession or profile can be met by us.

Knowledge across Industries

We have worked with all levels of organizations – from large blue-chip and high tech companies to SMEs and small businesses. We have abundant experience in dealing with recruitments for every possible sector. Our skill lies in finding perfect matching workforce, professionals and senior management personnel for organizations.

Quick Candidate Search

We know where to look for the right candidates. Once we find right candidate we have the skills to arouse their interest for a particular job opportunity. This why our recruitments never fail!

Time and Cost Savings

A shortlist of qualified candidates is provided to clients quickly as well as efficiently. We utilize advanced technology, experience and world class recruiters to meet recruiting goals of our clients. Our charges are lesser than the industry average.

Large Database of Prospects

We can share contact referrals apt for a requirement after reviewing needs. We have a large but confidential database. We ensure maximum returns on human resource investment, by recruiting best candidates helping businesses stay competitive and ever growing.

Industries And Positions Recruited

Engineers (Mechanical / Electrical / Instrumentation & Control / Plant Automation / Civil / Chemical),
Architects and Interior Designers with Degree / Diploma and experience with following companies:-

  • Operating Oil and Gas Companies
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction Companies
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Contracting Companies
  • Engineering Consultancy
  • Construction Contractors
  • Oil Refineries, Gas Plants, Petrochemical Complexes, Construction and Maintenance Companies
  • Contractors Oil & Gas – Offshore and Onshore, Cross Country Pipelines Contractors
  • Shipyards, Marine Platforms and Barges
  • Mining Companies
  • Telecom Companies

Categories of Manpower Recruited


Projects Control, Design and Engineering, Construction, Commissioning, Plant Operations and Maintenance, Commercial – Contracts and Procurement, QA/QC, HSE and HR.


Mechanical (for Plant Operations and Maintenance) / Electrical and Instrumentation / Civil – Site Construction and FPSO/Pilots.

Engineers / Civil / Structural / Mechanical / Piping, Electrician / Instrumentation and Process

For all activities such as Technical office, Project Controls, Planning, Site, QA/QC and HSE.

Supervisors (Mechanical / Electrical / Instrumentation / Civil)

Piping, Welding, Painting, Insulation, Refractory, Valves Maintenance, Fabrication shop, Electrical Equipment, Field Instrumentation, HVAC / MEP, Civil – Building / Infrastructure – Roads and Bridges, Land Surveyors, Stores, Plant and Panel Operators for Oil & Gas Industry / ETP / WTP / Ater & Power, Offshore – FPSO – Marine / Dock / Production and Safety.


Mechanical (Plant) – Piping, Welding, Painting, Insulation, Refractory, Equipment, Cranes / EOT, Electrical, Instrumentation and Civil.

Process Operators

Production Field (General) Operators and Board (Panel) Operators.

Technicians / Tradesmen (Construction and Maintenance) Civil

Steel Fixer, Carpenter, Mason, Plumber, Electrician, Painter, Trade Helper Mechanical: Mechanical Technicians, BMS Technicians, Pipe Fitter / Fabricator, Structural Fabricator, Coded and Structural Welder, Millwright, Steel Erector, Rigger, Scaffolder, Sheet Metal Fabricator, Insulator, Blaster / Painter, Oiler / Greaseman, Trade Helper, Rotating Equipment Technicians, Static Equipment Technicians, Valve Technicians and Mechanical Fitters. Electrical: Electricians, Electrical Technicians, Conduit Fitter, Electrical Fitter, Trade Helper Instrumentation: Instrument Technicians, Instrument Fitter, Instrument Helper Plant: Drivers, H.E. Operators, Denters / Painters, Auto Electrician.


Duct Fabricator, Wiring Electrician, Plumber, Pipe Fitter, Helper Other Staff: Safety Supervisor, Safety Officer, Accountant, HR Officer, Administrator, Clerk, CAD Operator, Medic, Storekeeper, Time Keeper, Camp Boss, Service and Security Staff and Office Assistant.