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RAY International Group is a dynamic and aspiring business corporation with interests in Technology, Design & Environmental Engineering, Construction, Services, Manufacturing, Trading, Training and Logistics. Established in 2005 in the Sultanate of Oman, it is one of the largest and respected business houses of Oman. The drive for Group’s business growth is technology absorption and delivery of outstanding products with superb quality. Its hallmark is the Trust that is built through truthful relations with esteemed Customers. The commitment to Technological Excellence and Customer Orientation has strengthened Group’s market presence and it continues to practice innovative approaches in all business areas, with the perpetual ambition to sustain this business for decades to come. With 6 overseas branch operations, namely in Thailand, United Kingdom, Brunei, Bahrain, UAE & Saudi Arabia, the Groupemploys more than 16 different nationals.The 7 core business verticals under the RAY Group umbrella are:
Visit Company Website : http://www.rayoman.com