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MD’s Desk

The Philosophy that set us apart!

Greetings of the day from all of us at Hollyface Overseas Recruitment & Placement Pvt. Ltd.!

Hollyface Overseas Recruitment & Placement Pvt. Ltd. has climbed the ladders of success with some simple philosophies. We believe that clients are our success partners and not merely blank audiences.

Our recruitments are timely and suiting, as we shortlist only the best personnel to interview for our clients. We believe – only a technical person has the capability to select a highly skilled technical candidate, through various rounds of interviews. We present only the shortlisted and best fitted candidates to our clients and not just everyone.

We are delighted to see our clients get perfect candidates for their vacancies. It is our mission to provide the organizations with a workforce that would help in attaining goals and improving performance.

Our philosophy is to provide fair opportunities to the youth of this nation. If there is a talent, we select him/her for a job that will help the person develop into a successful professional. We assure that a good talent does not have to buy a job. And that is what sets us apart from others.

As a part of our recruitment solutions, we act as a bridge, getting best personnel for our clients and fulfilling promises made to the jobseekers. We take great pride in what we do. We understand that our business model not only helps businesses find right talent, but also the deployed personnel. Not only are the lives of the workers enhanced, but their family members can also enjoy some monetary comfort.

Lastly, I would take this opportunity to extend my good wishes to all employers and jobseekers.

I am very grateful to God and all my team members, without whom Hollyface Overseas Recruitment & Placement Pvt. Ltd. would not have attained the success it has.

Hope everyone will support us in our constant striving to attain higher peaks of success and change the world as we go!

Warm Regards,

Mr. Sitendra Nath Maity

(Managing Director)

Hollyface Overseas Recruitment & Placement Pvt. Ltd.